Porta agulhas de crochê by LeiaCook, via Flickr

淡淡的素雅。。 ~ Japanese Bag for Holding Crochet Hooks, with Crochet Trim. (no pattern available) However, if you knit or crochet Doilies, just make your favorite doily and sew it to your needle bag!

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Memories Tie Quilt by Renay Martin of Pursestrings what a perfect baby quilt idea. Grandpa's, Uncle's, and Dad's ties, then back with warm fabric.

Como fazer porta-lápis em patchwork | Clubinho da Costura

This zippered pouch is quick to make, and is a fun way to show off little bits of your favorite fabrics! Find the free pattern by LBG Studio on our sister-site.

FREE Pattern and Tutorial for Wrist Wallet - https://sewing4free.com/wrist-wallet/

This wrist wallet is perfect for those who wants to go out without carrying a bag. You can put coins, cards or any small thing you wanted.

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Cat Spraying No More - How to Stop Cats From Urinating Outside the Litterbox!

Casa Dos Bordados: Vc sabe fazer cantos perfeitos? não? eu tbém não sabia...

How to cut end for sewing corners on a tablecloth or any square to make it lay flat and neat.Cotton duck makes good fabric.