Montreal #colrs #pastels

Montreal - Only place i would want to live in the winter. Snow covered, but still colorful and happy.

#Glass #Bottles, Painted from the Inside

A Quick Way to Make Everyday Bottles Display Worthy

DIY Milk Glass Bottles-pour small amounts of paint into bottle and jar and coat enitre inside - pour excess out.

tea party #pastel #colors

Gelato Themed Bridal Shower

Poppies and Tea Party decor. Keep colours light & pastel. Pink, Orange, White, Yellow and Baby Blue

Glitter trees.

sparkle spray painted branches and put in a vase- cheap and beautiful. great for the winter season sparkle spray painted branches and put in a vase- cheap and beautiful.


pale pink flowers with green. I'm thinking pale pink and sage green as my wedding colors so these would be perfect.


From Inspiration to Reality: The Design, III

Soft and white, clean and bright.

not getting married.ever ever ever again but i like the romantic feel of the off whites shabby chic kinda thing


Leave a little sparkle wherever you go - beauty quote.My wish for you is that you'll always be covered in glitter and wearing fabulous crowns, so everyone you meet will see your "sparkle" on the inside!

DIY paint your roller skates

DIY paint your roller skates


smokey - look, i have a fondness for photos of mad looking girls with big hair and stupid amounts of eyeliner :-) also, I love Marie Antoinette, and this looks like her after a big night out.


Vintage pettycoat-they made your dress full but man were they itchy!