Gorgeous delicate wreath by Katrin Coetzer - also for covering books, notebooks or else

Gorgeous delicate wreath by Katrin Coetzer. floral wreath with book in middle or quote in middle

"To Bloom Not Bleed” Series - Illustration by The White Deer --- I could do something really beautiful and gross with this. I love and hate it.

Kirsten Sims

Kirsten Sims - postcard from the pianist-Bank's house inspiration-style

The right hand corner says "in the late hours of Tuesday I drew another face. This time with eyes closed so she cannot ever question the standard of beauty that I have strictly designed for her. This time I still drew her ugly"

Scientific Illustration: Photo Camper diagram - hierarchy

Hierarchy- The sizing of the fish from large to small causes the eye to automatically go to the largest fish and move down.