In the late 1940's women started to become full-fledged members of the work force, and dressed like it.

Tailored pant suits became popular for women the the forties. This was because when they were needed in the workforce, they needed more protection. This was also a cause of Rosie the Riveter and her call to help for the need of woman in the workforce.

1950s Shorts: Vintage Retro Shorts History

1950s Shorts: Vintage Retro Shorts History

This is the chic style that was presented in the as ladies rode on their bicycles in style! The loose curls in their hair were common at the time, as well as the headbands.

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Fashion A fashionable dress, with an off-the-shoulder neckline, fitted top, and a full skirt that flares at the natural waistline.

Vintage! My mom used to have dresses like this. And she was thin like this too. Beautiful.

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Timeless summer style:: Floral Fashion:: Vintage Lady:: Big Hat an flirty floral print dress

vintage everyday: 50 Extraordinary Fashion Photographs Taken by Louise Dahl-Wolfe from Between the 1930s and 1950s

As a staff photographer for Harper’s Bazaar, Louise Dahl-Wolfe introduced a witty naturalism to the staid conventions of fashion photography.

Eu quero !

Model is wearing a two-piece slate blue dress by Heatherlane in McBratney Irish linen. Photograph by Leombruno-Bodi. Guatemala, May

Harper's Bazaar 1950

Hair, make up, gloves, gingham // Helen Bunney Londres, 1957 John French