I actually used to wear an outfit very similar to this, even down to the shoes, but the shoes wore out & my jacket was lost when I forgot it at the airport in Madrid! 8-/

Just a Pretty Style: Black skinnies, white shirt and nude blazer. The accessories especially the shoes, bracelet, and purse set the outfit off!

Gosto da combinação de cores e do cardigã mais longo para equilibra a saia justa no corpo. Talvez listras no meu quadril não funcionem mas gosto da ideia geral

Love this outfit! Black and white shirt, gray tee with a tan blazer with cuffed sleeves. Gorgeous spring fashion outfit street style clothing (Get a longer skirt)


7 Pretinhos Nada Básicos

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Tá Frio Mas Não Tá Frio

Tá Frio Mas Não Tá Frio

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Meu look pro Thanksgiving camila coelho Blusa: Kaele | Saia: Urban Outfitters | Bota: Stuart Weitzman | Bolsa: Carol Bassi

Meu look pro Thanksgiving

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