Desfeita de bacalhau, um dos pratos mais populares de Lisboa tem a partir de DA RUA DAS FLORES TAVERN

Desfeita of cod, one of the most popular dishes of Lisbon has from DA RUA DAS FLORES TAVERN Absolutely loved it. And must be enjoyed with good glass of delicious Portuguese red )

Caracóis à Portuguesa

Caracóis à Portuguesa

Caracois à Portuguesa (Portuguese-style Snails)- An American In 5 "Strange" Portuguese Foods that I've Grown to Love (And Think You Should Try Too)

Fat and Happy Sea Snails

Korean Kitchen Hacking:: Escargot with Korean Sea Snails - ZenKimchi

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Sea snails, best served with chilled portuguese beer.

Caracois: buttery snails cooked with butter and herbs. In Lisbon!

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Snails ("caracois" in Portuguese) are a summer delicacy enjoyed in Lisbon and the South of Portugal mostly on hot summer days, along with cold draft beer.