en:  Have you already meet our new lamp?   CRISIS lamp    It's Gold bar with led lights. A metaphor for the world crisis, a gold bar that melts down as we start to realize that with passion everything is worth it.  Check it on meikstudio official fanpage...   www.facebook.com/meikindustrialdesign

From Meikstudio (Portugal): Crisis Lamp

BONSAI coffee table

BONSAI coffee table Made from an unique piece in high gloss lacquered aluminum that gives it a glamorous and rare side, BONSAI coffee “grows” from the root to a size (such as as if it was the evolve of the natural plant.


OPERA sideboard PHANTOM A unique piece that will be present in your home. The interiors reveals a number of storage spaces, each with its own personality and functionality, as if a play it is, where everyone has a place and a task to perform.