Tomato plants like deep watering. Why waste water when you can make a simple reservoir delivery system. The photo says it all. Tomato plants like deep watering.


Create a mini garden-using cactus plants that are low-maintenance and don’t require too much space or watering.// Mini Cactus Garden Full of Color and Design

10 Plantas para ter no quarto e garantir um sono tranquilo

10 Plantas para ter no quarto e garantir um sono tranquilo

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Suculentas acomodadas em um suporte para doces. #succulents #suculentas #plantas #arranjo

Tiered Succulents I like this idea, just use a recycled cake stand with dirt and succulents. I have a large number over growing my strawberry pot out front. Time to try this idea in the back for sure!

Making miniature gardens is always interesting and very good choice for home decoration. If you have free time and do not know how to spend it, get creative and make some small and beautifully designed garden for indoor or outdoor decoration.

25+ Adorable Miniature Terrarium Ideas For You To Try

Add a Miniature Waterfall, Pond or River to your Fairy Garden Terrarium - Unique Terrarium Accessory - Handmade by Gypsy Raku

Vaso de dinossauro

I'd raise plants if I had these. The Plaid Pigeon's delightful set of planters are made from repurposed toy dinosaurs.

Mini jardins zen dans des pots de récup Plus

Mini jardins zen dans des pots de récup

DIY Coffee Pot Terrarium actually inspired by an old lady who's love plants and coffee. The idea is up-cycled by coffee pot into an air plant terrarium.

Add some lights to your terrarium to give it a unique look that everyone will love. #PlantNite

10 things to do with your Plant Nite terrariums

Coco-Lined Rail Mount Planter.....why not using flat iron bars and instead of welding riveting. Would look great...

Coco-Lined Rail Mount Planter lets you hang flowers or greenery off the railing of your front porch, backyard deck or apartment balcony. The metal hanger slips right over the railing and adjusts by hand without tools to fit rail widths up to