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Some say it's a crime against nature, but we'd argue it's the best way to eat string cheese. Chloe Bryan explains more with the link. String Cheese, Inspire Me, Chloe, Inspirational Quotes, Social Media, Good Things, Sayings, Eat, Link

Biting into string cheese is fine, actually

Biting into a stick of string cheese is fine. In fact, it's often the best way to eat a cheese stick.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but the 'range' meme has the range About Facebook, Michael Scott, Perfect Image, Troll, Inspire Me, Separate, Actors & Actresses, Me Quotes, Range

This meme has range

A Twitter meme inspires people to share four different images of actors and artists they believe are super versatile.

Is this a picture of a demon pig monster or an adorable doggo? Funny Animal Memes, Funny Relatable Memes, Funny Animal Pictures, Funny Animals, It's Funny, Adorable Animals, Funny Dogs, Hilarious, Best Memes

Is this a picture of a demon pig monster or an adorable doggo? You decide.

Cute puppy or cursed monstrosity? Twitter is having a hard time figuring out what they're seeing in this optical illusion.

If you weren’t able to attend last night’s Super Bowl, your tweet might have. Twitter and the NFL teamed up to make it rain sports tweets after the Kansas City Chief’s win and if you used the hashtag #NFLTwitter, your tweet could have been a part of it.⁠ Make It Rain, Kansas City Chiefs, Public Relations, Super Bowl, Confetti, Nfl, Tech, Social Media, Football

There's a chance your football tweet was turned into Super Bowl confetti

Twitter teamed up with the NFL to make it rain fans' sports tweets and confetti at the end of the Super Bowl.

If you’re driving in San Miguel County in Colorado, be on the look out for boulders — large boulders, small boulders, medium sized boulders and large boulders that look like small boulders, etc. The San Miguel County Sheriff’s tweet about a boulder’s size was confusing enough to go viral with other users joining in on it. Swipe through to see all of the jokes that ensued.⁠ Emergency Vehicles, My Rock, Daily Memes, Sheriff, Public Relations, Offensive Memes, Funny Moments, Bouldering, Funny Photos

Sheriff's baffling tweet about a boulder in the road goes gloriously viral

A sheriff department's confusingly-worded tweet about a boulder in the road has gone viral on Twitter.

Celebrity Music: Fiona the hippo celebrated her third birthday with a massive fruit cake Cute Hippo, Baby Hippo, Third Birthday, Happy Birthday, Fiona The Hippo, San Antonio Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, Country Music Stars, Good Buddy

Happy birthday, Fiona the hippo!

Fiona also got a song from her social media (hippo) boyfriend Timothy and a fundraising drive to bring aid after Australia's bushfires.

After coordinating via Reddit, two users (one in New Zealand and one in Spain) placed pieces of bread on the exact opposite sides of the Earth to make what is called an Earth sandwich. We may not have known it then but at that time we weren’t inhabiting Earth, we were inhabiting an Earth sandwich.⁠ About Facebook, Piece Of Bread, What Is It Called, Need To Know, New Zealand, Random Stuff, Sandwiches, Spain, Social Media

Two Redditors come together to make an Earth sandwich

Two people collaborated on Reddit to turn Earth into a giant sandwich. Here's how they did it.

"We're feeling Shrek's head on Baby Yoda's body going into the weekend, wbu?"⁠ (via r/dankmemes) Punk Disney Princesses, Princess Disney, Green Characters, Disney Characters, Sleep Paralysis Demon, Kermit The Frog, Disney Facts, Baymax, Shrek

This cursed Baby Yoda chart will make you want to log off

This chart mixes a host of green fictional characters into things we wish we could unsee.

If this wasn't a pivotal moment in your childhood, you're lying. About Facebook, Guy Pictures, Poet, Childhood, Social Media, In This Moment, Songs, Memes, Infancy

The poet vs. the poem

The "poet/poem" meme is making the rounds on Twitter and is great if you're longing to do a deep dive into your screenshots folder.

People are so afraid to turn on their read receipts, but honestly, it’s really NOT that serious. Are you for or against read receipts? Click the link in our bio for why we think you should just turn them on already. Social Media Apps, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Internet Marketing, Text Bubble, One Twitter, Victoria Song, About Facebook, Ways To Communicate

Why you should just turn on your read receipts

Stop considering read receipts taboo. It's time to turn them on while texting and acknowledge they are helpful reminders, not drama bombs.

This is a cursed situation regardless, but definitely ⁠ Office Plan, Open Office, Josh Jackson, About Facebook, Members Of Congress, The Good Place, Jokes, Social Media, Good Things

Best spot meme

A tweet about the subway seating has people making jokes about the best seats in various places.

The 2020 slogan meme has everyone setting goals for the new year Bunny Meme, Campaign Slogans, Ascii Art, About Facebook, Know Your Meme, Presidential Candidates, Setting Goals, Positivity

The 2020 slogan meme has everyone setting goals for the new year

It's only fitting that the decade ends with ASCII memes about goals for 2020.

Nothing brings Boomers more joy than Facebook (aside from complaining about millennials, of course). Most people between the age of 54 and 73 love to use is the colorful, personalized status update feature. This is basically catnip for Boomers. But maybe not every thought you have needs a digital glow up.⁠ Old Facebook, About Facebook, Facebook Users, Facebook Status, Facebook Image, Family Photo Album, Family Photos, Pink Heart Background, About Twitter

Boomer Facebook Status

Facebook's colorful status updates have become the Boomer social media feature of choice, and it's getting out of control.

If you don’t Instagram your engagement, did you even get engaged? Alyssa Snodsmith and Collin Hewett decided to use a Pinterest photo for inspiration. The couple made a pour attempt at recreating the pic, though. Honestly, we like theirs better. Engagement Couple, Engagement Pictures, Photo Fails, Photo Gold, About Facebook, Pinterest Photos, The Hard Way, Getting Engaged, Things To Think About

Engagement Photo Fail

This couple found out the hard way that a beautiful Pinterest engagement photo was actually harder than it looked.

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