Easter Craft Craziness Part Sharpie Eggs - This is a fun way to decorate easter eggs without the mess!

cotton candy cookies!

Cotton Candy / Candyfloss on cookies to make perfect fluffy clouds. Party food idea for a travel themed party.

Easter - Swirly Eggs (paint squiggles of Crayola washable tempera paint on hard boiled eggs)

Modern Easter Egg Crafts

Modern Easter Egg Crafts: Swirly Palette ~~ Kids can brush squiggles of Crayola washable tempera paint on boiled white eggs with a flat paintbrush.

Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs How-To

Paper-Napkin Decoupage Eggs

Paper Napkin Decoupage Easter Eggs Craft and DIY Projects and Tutorials

All you need for these kid-friendly crafts: a child-size headband and bias tape. #easter #diy

Hop to It! 60 Easy and Beautiful Crafts to Make This Easter

Headband with bunny ears Easter Crafts for Kids - Easy Easter Craft Ideas - Country Living

Eggshell Votives How-To

Eggshell Votives

Egg shells have never looked this cute; with help of egg glasses, you can recreate your very own egg shell candle holder collection.

How To Make Marbleized Easter Eggs

How to Make Marbleized Easter Eggs

How to Make Marbleized Easter Eggs - Martha Stewart - dye in one color, then dye in a second color that had olive oil swirled into the dye.

Chocolate Eggs How-To

Chocolate Egg

Chocolate Egg ~ Hide chocolate inside real eggs to create a real Easter surprise / Martha Stewart

Easter Bunny Template Projects How-To

Easter Bunny Template Projects

Easter Bunny Garland, Cupcake Toppers, and Gift Bag templates from Martha Stewart

Speckled Butterfly Easter Eggs and Boxes How-To

Speckled Butterfly Easter Eggs and Boxes

Speckled Butterfly Egg Boxes Give egg-shaped boxes a natural touch with speckled paint, butterflies, and a rabbit cut from decorative paper. Make the Speckled Egg Boxes

Easter Cookies // DIY Easter Cookie Cutter How-To

DIY Easter Cookie Cutter

Easter Nest Table Setting How-To

Easter Nest Table Setting

Easter Nest Table Setting Scoop up store-bought Easter basket staples to add this simple arrangement to your spring table.

Bunny S'mores

Bunny S'mores - could do sugar or shortbread roll outs, bake, then dip in chocolate, sandwich with a cream filling

Easter Fabric Silhouettes How-To

Easter Fabric Silhouettes

Easter Fabric Silhouettes Use colorful printed fabric to create cheerful silhouettes in the shape of chicks, hens, and bunnies.

Dyed Easter Baskets How-To

Dyed Easter Baskets

of 60 > Dyed Easter Baskets Why should eggs have all the fun? For one-stop decorating, dye the basket -- and everything inside it -- at once. A nice bonus: The pretty monochrome nests highlight subtle variations among the eggs. Make Dyed Easter Baskets