Easter Craft Craziness Part Sharpie Eggs - This is a fun way to decorate easter eggs without the mess!

cotton candy cookies!

Cotton Candy / Candyfloss on cookies to make perfect fluffy clouds. Party food idea for a travel themed party.

Easter - Swirly Eggs (paint squiggles of Crayola washable tempera paint on hard boiled eggs)

Modern Easter Egg Crafts

Modern Easter Egg Crafts: Swirly Palette ~~ Kids can brush squiggles of Crayola washable tempera paint on boiled white eggs with a flat paintbrush.

Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs How-To

Paper-Napkin Decoupage Eggs

All you need for these kid-friendly crafts: a child-size headband and bias tape. #easter #diy

Hop to It! 45 Easy and Beautiful Crafts to Make This Easter

Headband with bunny ears Easter Crafts for Kids - Easy Easter Craft Ideas - Country Living

How To Make Marbleized Easter Eggs

How to Make Marbleized Easter Eggs

How to Make Marbleized Easter Eggs - Martha Stewart - dye in one color, then dye in a second color that had olive oil swirled into the dye.

Chocolate Eggs How-To

Chocolate Egg

Chocolate Egg ~ Hide chocolate inside real eggs to create a real Easter surprise / Martha Stewart

Easter Bunny Template Projects How-To

Easter Bunny Template Projects

Easter Bunny Garland, Cupcake Toppers, and Gift Bag templates from Martha Stewart

Speckled Butterfly Easter Eggs and Boxes How-To

Speckled Butterfly Easter Eggs and Boxes

Speckled Butterfly Egg Boxes Give egg-shaped boxes a natural touch with speckled paint, butterflies, and a rabbit cut from decorative paper. Make the Speckled Egg Boxes

Easter Cookies // DIY Easter Cookie Cutter How-To

DIY Easter Cookie Cutter

DIY Easter Cookie Cutter - Martha Stewart Crafts - forget the template! Buy a cookie cutter! Sugar cookie recipe looks great!

Easter Nest Table Setting How-To

Easter Nest Table Setting

Bunny S'mores

Bunny S'mores - could do sugar or shortbread roll outs, bake, then dip in chocolate, sandwich with a cream filling

Easter Fabric Silhouettes How-To

Easter Fabric Silhouettes

Easter Fabric Silhouettes Use colorful printed fabric to create cheerful silhouettes in the shape of chicks, hens, and bunnies.

Dyed Easter Baskets How-To

Dyed Easter Baskets

of 60 > Dyed Easter Baskets Why should eggs have all the fun? For one-stop decorating, dye the basket -- and everything inside it -- at once. A nice bonus: The pretty monochrome nests highlight subtle variations among the eggs. Make Dyed Easter Baskets