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The bajillion benefits of Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing, practised in India for more than a thousand years.


Do plantar fasciitis inserts work foot splint for plantar fasciitis,heel pain plantar fasciitis relief plantar fasciitis after one run,running shoes for plantar fasciitis relief shoes for plantar fasciitis nike.

Acupuncture point that treats plantar fasciitis and asthma.

This is an excellent point for asthma, foot pain, ankle pain, and plantar fasciitis. In western convention this point is known as LU 10 because it’s the tenth point on the “lung” channel. In Chinese the characters are魚際which is Romanized

Vitamin D and Thyroid Patients---a crucial connection!!

Exercising with hypothyroidism has been quite a misunderstood topic. Many people claim that exercise has huge benefits for people suffering from hypothyroidism.

Vitamin B12 foods

if you have Vitamins and minerals missing from your food, do not try to fill that up with nutrition supplements instead of proper diet, today we have talked all about; Vitamins and Minerals chart, Vitamins and Minerals nutrition, Vitamins and Minerals