Sublime Softies by Marina Rachner

Sublime Softies by Marina Rachner - Beautiful Handmade Dolls, Bears and Bunnies

Kleiner Wal zum Kuscheln - gratis DIY Anleitung und Schnittmuster

Kleiner Wal zum Kuscheln

Шьём милых зайчат - ярмарки и дизайн-мареты 4 сезона в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге

Как я люблю кукол!

Sew cute leverets - fairs and design Maret 4 seasons in Moscow and St…

Bunny or bear soft toy sewing pattern / PDF tutorial by willowynn

Bunny rabbit and bear soft toy / stuffed animal doll PDF sewing pattern, tutorial

Японские собачки: выкройки


Soft, cuddly plushies to all ages from infancy to adulthood. Plushies symbolizes emotions such as affection, empathy, intimacy and love.

Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson knit creatures- always showing these to kids, they are way inspired by these badboys

CUBED series 2 by aiwa-9 on deviantART

The CUBED Bunny Plush TUTORIAL is finally done XD This is the bunny from my CUBED series You can also try making other cubed plush using this tutorial. Enjoy~ If you still have questions, you c.