orilag-natural-brown-throw-2.jpg (3543×2362)

Winter is coming and all we can think about are the KOKET’s soft goods - fur pillows, fur throws and floor rugs. Our Exotic Opulence Collection will help you

brilliance-sconce-9.jpg (5130×5739)

Tantalizing tones and exquisite patterns in the agate stones are cast onto rays of metal giving the Brilliance sconce by KOKET show-stopping qualities.

finland-fox-pillows-details-1.jpg (3543×2362)

From sumptuous pillows to smooth throws and rugs, KOKET Soft Goods collection will bring to light your deepest desires!

kelly-sofa-2seat-2.jpg (5184×3456)

The striking polished brass band hugging the base of the curvaceous form of the Kelly Sofa, leaving you constantly searching for a golden glimpse of her copious beauty.

guilt_p.jpg (2492×2492)

Sculptured gold tones of hammered and textured metal with a hint of hard edge surround a perfectly cut convex mirror. Guilt Mirror - The new mood of metal. Guilt Mirror from Koket

ribbon-dining-table-1.jpg (5315×2706)

KOKET Creative Director & Founder in an exclusive interview about the brand, new designs and the future of the most seductive furniture company in the world.

eternity-chandelier-7.jpg (3543×2657)

ETERNITY III chandelier has an elegant silhouette and brilliance from the skillful application of crystals. Eternal circles merget into a great source of light.

chandra-chair-7.jpg (3826×3647)

The modern and luxurious Chandra chair by KOKET in a wide variety of colors and designs. This enticing and upholstered in satin chair exudes a sense of vintage glamour, looking flawless in just about any interior setting.

petra-flash-rug-3.jpg (5184×3456)

KOKET has the perfet luxurious gifts for you to offer this holiday.