Castelo de Vide

Dolmen cerca de Castelo de Vide - Portugal By McFly! JAVIER BENITEZ I don't even get how that strip of light is made but this is beautiful

Windows of Sintra, Portugal. Portugal embraces color. There are beautiful tiles in the oddest places - from the fanciest hotels and homes, to regular little family run diners. #Sintra #Portugal #stunning #facade #art #azulejo #tiles #architecture #palace #Pena #Portugal #holidays #travel

Azulejos and Manueline architecture and design in Portugal at Palacio da Pena, Sintra.

Elevador de Santa Justa, Lisboa, Portugal

long cue for this but fun. don't bother paying extra for top view can see plenty when you get up there.Justa Lisbon, PORTUGAL (designed by Gustave Eiffel)


Sintra, Lisbon Region, Portugal Enjoy Portugal Cottages and Manor Houses Travel to Portugal Portugal Honeymoons

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