Make a Guitar Hero Kit for your PC

Make a Guitar Hero Kit for Your PC

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Guitar Hero Clone

Guitar Hero Clone

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Guitar Hero Arduino Bot.

Guitar Hero Arduino Bot.

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Use Guitar Hero keys/buttons with your Arduino

Use Guitar Hero Keys/buttons With Your Arduino

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Guitar Hero Keyboard!

Guitar Hero Keyboard!

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Making a cardboard electric guitar that actually works! ( no expensive material needed )

Making a Cardboard Electric Guitar That Actually Works! ( No Expensive Material Needed )

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Use your XBOX 360 controller on your computer

Use Your XBOX 360 Controller on Your Computer

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Control Arduino functions with a USB controller, no soldering required- I made it at TechShop

Control Arduino Functions With a USB Controller, No Soldering Required- I Made It at TechShop

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Guitar Hero Hacks: Star Power Pedal!

Guitar Hero Hacks: Star Power Pedal!

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Cheap Star power pedal for guitar hero

Cheap Star Power Pedal for Guitar Hero

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