Marcilene Souza

Marcilene Souza

Coronel Fabriciano - Minas Gerais/Brasil / Sonhadora, inquieta, adora propostas alternativas, ama cores. Estilo: tudo que não dói de olhar. Musicalmente: ouve blues, jazz, pop, Soul, disco, Rock.
Marcilene Souza
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I met this extremely talented cat when I adopted him after my mother passed away. It was actually Zarathustra who saved me from the subsequent depression. My mom loved the cat so much, and I think that is why he developed such a sensitive personality.

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The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli Artist Inserts Her Fat Cat Into Famous Classical Paintings Russian artist Svetlana Petrova photoshops her awesome cat named Zarathustra into iconic and famous works of art…

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Another beautiful Imago Dei Story. Today we have the privilege of hearing Andrea's story. Come and hear how friendships, gardening, and an apprenticeship have transformed Andrea on her classical education journey.