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Tomb, Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Tour Egypt presents information about The Tomb of Seti I, Valley of the Kings, Egypt

First Chamber: Nefertari's Tomb. The god, Osiris

The God Osiris,God of the underworld .First Chamber: Nefertari's Tomb. Done in the fresco technique, paint bonded to wet plaster laid over the rough limestone walls, the images in Nefertari’s tomb are over three thousand years old.

Some people do not believe in the whole ancient alien theory,but just look at this says ALIEN!

This particular depiction of the sun was a symbol of one omnipotent god, introduced by Pharaoh Anhknatun. Many people believe he was actually worshipping the God of Joseph from the Bible, in his own unique way.

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'Ipet-Resyt' Temple of the God Amon at 'Uaset'-Thebes (“the Temple of Luxor”) Luxor Temple