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Mafalda Vasques
Alfama, Lisbon | Portugal

13 Things I Found on the Internet Today (Vol. LV)

1. Anjelica Huston and Michael Jackson Actress Anjelica Huston met Michael Jackson working on Captain EO, Francis Ford Coppola’s 3-D movie that was shown at Disney theme parks. "I think it was very hard for Michael to express anger. He was, I have to say, one of the most polite people I have

Campo Maior, Alentejo.

Blue and White - Alentejo Church

White painted buildings with details picked out in colour are a common sight in Alentejo, Portugal. This is a church in the town of Campo Maior.

Belém, Lisboa.

Sunset at the Monument to the Discoveries in Lisbon

The Monument honors Portuguese discoveries, and the main figure is D. Henrique, a Portuguese prince. Another archive image from Lisbon, Portugal a few months before going to Greece. WhooHoo - my 100th in Explore! High resolution versions of these Images are available at Getty Images:

Sintra, Lisboa

Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal Guide-2020. Where to Stay, Where to Eat, What to See, Things to Do, Hotels and Accommodation, Prices in Sintra

Sintra, Portugal - Restaurants, Shopping, Supermarkets, Attractions, Museums, Landmarks and Attractions with Detailed Maps. What to See, What to Do, Where to Eat, Prices in Sintra |

Festa dos Tabuleiros/ Festival of the Trays--Tomar, Portugal

Festa dos Tabuleiros/ Festival of the Trays

Uma das mais importantes festividades em Portugal é a Festa dos Tabuleiros, que tem lugar a cada quatro anos, em Tomar. É uma evento baseado em rituais pagãos antigos, relacionados com a fertilidade. O desfile e a benção dos tabuleiros, assim como as bonitas e coloridas decorações das ruas, são um espectáculo inesquecível. Com origens muito remotas, nas quais nós podemos adivinhar cultos de fertilidade, esta festa é uma das mais profundas demonstrações de religiosidade em Portugal. Há mais…

Moliceiros de Aveiro

Moliceiros de Aveiro - Pesquisar

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