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Which Feminist Female Celebrity Are You?

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Lololol. I do like that they refered to it as just a concept though.

Life And Style on Etsy

The comments on the pin I got this from were absolutely ridiculous. People are insane. But I like what this says.

yes, I am pro choice. No, pro choice is not a synonym for pro abortion (although I am for safe and accessible abortions for those who choose to have them)

Feminist books.

Roundup: Feminist Books

A Practical Wedding Feminist Book Roundup this list AND the recommendations in the comments section - Edited to add: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay is another MUST READ! So smart, so accessible.


Licia Ronzulli, a member of European Parliament, has been taking her daughter to work with her as she attends sessions in the chamber. The MEP first took her daughter along when she was just a month old baby.

By Invitation Only -- Feminist Art, Reproductive Rights, Educational, Poster. $12.00, via Etsy.

By Invitation Only -- Feminist Art, Reproductive Rights, Educational, Poster

By Invitation Only -- Feminist Art, Reproductive Rights, Educational, Poster. Meant to be about reproductive rights - I think this also applies to birth and informed consent in healthcare.

When I ask for equal rights, why must you assume I want to be treated like a man?

What makes being treated like a man mean you are being treated equally? Equality should not equal fitting to a male standard. maybe men should be treated like women. Then both men and women would be treated equally.

Walk gently upon our Mother Earth for She is forever in the process of Giving Birth...

The earth is the mother of all people, and all people should have equal rights upon it. ~ Chief Joseph, Nez Perce Tribe Real freedom lies in Wilderness not Civilization - Charles Lindbergh WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™

I saw this as a childbirth/hospital quote, but it's true for so many more things!

Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Awareness. Marriage is not consent.