This pin makes me drool-- i love info graphs. --- Infographics by simon spring, via Behance

Infographics by simon spring, via Behance.aka "How NOT to display data visually" or "How to Lie with Statistics"

the future of mobile video info graphic

Unique Infographic Design The Future Of Mobile Video Infographic Design

divorce-Looks like me and my hubby are going to be together forever from what this says. YEs both are parents are still together =)~we both have the same religious beliefs we have two children together, both went to college and earn over 50,000.  Ya for us LOL

Unique infographics representing tidbits about marriage in the United States over the last five decades. One of the more alarming trends is

ToMA, Timeline of Modern Art, work by Miguel Coelho

ToMA - Timeline of Modern Art by Miguel Coelho, via Behance / colorful infographic, pie chart, time, decades

súper interesante, pero faltó adaptarlo a tamaño web para poder ver los detalles, para ver más les dejo la página

Universo de emociones (universe of emotion) Like the idea of mixture with maps and colored overlapping circles as categories. Gorgeous layout, clear and structured visualization, amazing detail, mind-blowing information, just love it!


Infographic of the Day: Airbnb, the Expedia Alternative for VC Moguls

Divorce In America infographics by Instant Checkmate.

Divorce In America

Psychology infographic and charts Psychology : Divorce In America Crime Wire. Infographic Description Psychology : Divorce In America Crime Wire

A Brief History of Weddings

A Brief History Of Weddings

Gift to the Honeymoon wedding have a proud tradition. What is the meaning behind our most sacred wedding traditions. A infographic history of weddings.