On Etsy by shop Calamaristudio, Art & Design by Michelle Tavares: Ampersand Print - Watercolor & - Print from my Original Illustration -

#hooligan by #CymoneWilder _/#escolaphotoshop

Summer is approaching. Time to unleash the hooligan!

Cymone Wilder I really like this. The black and white photo goes so well with the splash of yellow. Plus the picture looks really well with the caption of a hooligan. It's easy to do and a simple design that can almost be used for anything

#Typography by Lawrie Graham

Share typography work that you have done or that inspires you. We will select the best images for the Typography Mania on Abduzeedo.

#typographic in #3D #shadow #yellow

Photoshop tutorial: Learn the best ways to create type Christopher Vinca explains how to produce realistic-looking letters with accurate lighting and textures