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Arise, The Japan Quake Recovery Project. Maria Grønlund, via the designer's Behance page - possible quilt idea


Really love the ink in water imagery - I like the mix of fluidity but it almost seems like organised chaos if that makes sense? It kind of makes me think of suspended animation, equalling 'time' to consider/think.

#Triangulated #Poster #Girl #Boy

Dee Mon Cheel Dren Art Print by Jordan Clark. This work give me an idea for my portraiture project.

Finding 57 by Aldo Pulella design #Poster #CIrcle #Grey #Montain

Finding 57 by Aldo Pulella, Mostly likely made in both illustrtaor and photoshop, typeface edited with lines and dots and differentiate from original type.

Dan Mountford by Felipe Tofani #Globe #Snow #Montain #Circle #Grey

Dan Mountford: Exposições Duplas e Design Gráfico via @pristinaorg

Washington Post Cover by Ariane Spanier.

Washington Post Mag (US) Cover from December and too good not to show. “Lives Remembered” The Washington Post Magazine: “published Sundays in The Washington Post and aims to tell stories about the.

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