Pencil by Franco Clun. This guy is crazy good.

Pencil drawings by Franco Clun. Italian artist Franco Clun uses only pencil and paper to create these incredibly realistic portraits that can easily be mistaken for photographs.


OH boy. City Ought to like this. XD *JOKING because I know you don't like owls.:P what's up with that Adam? Not liking Owls yet having a project called Owl City :P Tormenting your own self :P or is that a recent dislike?

Never quit drawing by Kerby Rosanes

DrawingDen’s Daily Motivation DOODLE ART: Never Quit Drawing by kerbyrosanes Remember to also look after yourself so you can be at your best mental and physical condition to work!

Octopus pen & ink

Scratchboard-india ink A fine illustration of an Octopus by Tierra Connor. Silhouette painted with india ink onto a clay scratchboard. Detail added using an xacto knife.