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Varandas enfeitadas

Neubeuern, Germany by (I expect children in laderhosen to smoothly exit the windows on either side and meet in the middle to ring a bell and "sound the hourly chimes! Like a clockhouse!


The old village, mentioned in the Domesday Book is famous for its stone cottages built in century. Often referred as the most beautiful village in England, Bibury is definitely very charming and very English.


"Believe In The Spirit of Christmas" Vintage photo of little girl holding her cat with candle lamp . (Post this photo to FB with the days until Christmas at the bottom)

A casa do bosque

Waldo means lives near or in the woods. Our Waldo name originates to Bavaria area (Black forest of Germany) in the medieval age. There is a Castle Ruin named Waldau from the Medieval Era still here in this Black Forest. Old Mill, Black Forest, Germany