Secret Garden    Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Secret Garden Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil open the door , let me go

Angelo nero (angel preto) By Cigh!  ( location :: Lençois, Bahia, Brazil  )

WOW , diving in a swimming pool built by mother nature with waterfall for added beauty, Lençois, Bahia, Brazil

This is truly amazing...People take the small stuff in life for granted, but these stairs are truly amazing.

Escadaria Selarón, obra do pintor e ceramista chileno Jorge Selarón, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Insider travel tips - Things to do in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Insider Tips on Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro - Sunday Spotlight

Worlds Tallest Waterslide in Brazil- 41 meters! You couldn't pay me to get on this thing but I'd love to watch others on it.

Insano, Brazil Tallest Water Slide in the World. Currently holding the record for World’s Tallest Water Slide, the Insano stands at tall and travels at 65 mph.

Parque lage, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Photo by Giovani Cordioli

Parque Lage / Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Must visit Brasil and be joyful - the dream has come true!