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"Being true":  "Being yourself is not a choice, it is much more likely that it gave you pride that move on.  That also brings you happiness."

Me a couple years ago: "I'm not gay… BUT that girl is hot asf…" Me now: "Girls are hot, guys are hot, bisexuality rocks"<<< I'm Bi/Ace but this is still pretty fricken on point

bisexual quotes - Google Search

lookhuman: BI FI IS STRONG lgbt gay lesbian transgendered bi bisexual trans ft power bottom unicorn dyke feminism masculinity gay men bottom boy top boy queen gadar

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Sansa Stark: Expectations vs reality

At first, Sansa is betrothed to Joffrey, but he breaks their engagement to marry Margaery Tyrell. She then falls in love with Loras Tyrell, who's gay, before she's forced to marry Tyrion Lannister. Two creepy older men are also interested in her.