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Adult Cherry Limeade: cherry vodka, triple sec, lime juice, grenadine. This sounds like my new favorite drink, kind of like my current favorite=Vodka Cherry Sour Cherry Margarita, Tequila, Margarita Recipes, Cherry Limeade Recipe, Cherry Drink, Mojito, Refreshing Drinks, Cooking Tips, Cocktail

Cherry Limeade: cherry vodka, triple sec, lime juice, grenadine

Roasted peach lemonade, from our favorite recipes for the best Labor Day meal ever. Think Food, I Love Food, Refreshing Drinks, Fun Drinks, Beverages, Fruity Drinks, Cold Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Peach Lemonade Recipes

Roasted Peach Lemonade

Roasted Peach Lemonade is a delicious, refreshing beverage. It is the perfect unique beverage on a hot day!

White Peach-Lavender Soda - I bet instead of using the baker's yeast, one could make this with water kefir! Refreshing Drinks, Fun Drinks, Yummy Drinks, Soda Recipe, Liqueur, In Vino Veritas, Non Alcoholic Drinks, Carbonated Drinks, Summer Cocktails

Summer Recipe: White Peach-Lavender Soda

What does one do when one receives a gift of perfect and oh-so-fragrant lavender from a friend's garden? If one is like me and has just fi...

Blackberry Margarita Had this last night and it was great. Whether Patron or Don Julio, tequila is it these days. This is a much better option to offer people than the over done strawberry margarita. Party Drinks, Cocktail Drinks, Fun Drinks, Alcoholic Drinks, Beverages, Margarita Tequila, Margarita Salt, Refreshing Drinks, Cocktail

Blackberry Margarita

It's National Tequila Day!! Blackberry Margarita Can you tell I'm excited? Let's celebrate together with this bold blackberry beauty!! Blackberries hold a very special place in this girl's heart. Growing up wild blackberries flooded our backyard, the next door neighbor's yard and all along

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade: 1 can of lemonade concentrate, cups of frozen strawberries, 1 tray of ice, and 1 can of water.Yum~perfect for summer! (use sugar free lemonade concentrate) Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, Frozen Strawberries, Raspberries, Think Food, Love Food, Summer Drinks, Fun Drinks, Beverages, Refreshing Drinks

Frozen Strawberry Lemonade: 1 can of lemonade concentrate, 1.5 cups of frozen strawberries, 1 tray of ice, and 1 can of water... yummm

how to make Kefir Water! Just as good as Kombucha and it's super easy! just kefir grains and sugar water for a yummy drink filled with probiotics and enzymes! Kombucha, Kefir How To Make, How To Make Water, Making Water, Yummy Drinks, Healthy Drinks, Healthy Recipes, Leaky Gut, Probiotic Drinks

How to Make Water Kefir | Keeper of the Home

What is water kefir? Water kefir is a lacto-fermented beverage made with water kefir grains and sugar water. It is easy (and relatively quick) to make, and provides an abundance of probiotics to improve digestive health. Water kefir grains are not grains at all, but rather bacteria and yeast existing in a symbiotic relationship. The …

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix by Pennies on a Platter. So perfect since I'm on a salted caramel kick Christmas Treats, Holiday Treats, Holiday Recipes, Diy Christmas, Homemade Christmas, Christmas Presents, Holiday Gifts, Xmas, Neighbor Christmas Gifts

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate Mix

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Struggling for a way to start this blog post, I typed “Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate” into my Google search tool to see if the results would inspire me. I bet you can guess the first item listed. That’s right…a link to Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. And you know what that made me realize? Many...

From another pinner: Perfect summer drink! Blend 1 can frozen limeade, can sprite, 2 cups frozen strawberries, and the pulp of two limes. (use diet frozen limeade and diet or sprite) - I'm sure this could be spiked with vodka Refreshing Drinks, Summer Drinks, Fun Drinks, Beverages, Cold Drinks, Summertime Drinks, Party Drinks, Smoothies, Smoothie Drinks

Now In Season... — Heather Ross Shop

We just returned from a dreamy week spent on a lovely little lake in Monroe, NY. Most of the time it was just TC, Lobo, Benito and I (yes, we took the cat) but last Sunday we had some friends up for a day of swimming and grilling. The houses owner had told us that our best bet for fresh produce was

Peach Lemonade Coolers 2 medium sized, ripe peaches, peeled, halved & pitted cup lemonade 1 ounce vodka of choice Puree the peaches & lemonade in a blender until smooth. Pour vodka over ice in a rocks glass. Top off with peach-lemonade puree. Refreshing Drinks, Summer Drinks, Fun Drinks, Vodka Drinks, Peach Drinks, Alcoholic Beverages, Cold Drinks, Vodka Slushies, Fruity Cocktails


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Another Pinner said: "Perfect Sweet Tea-there is a secret ingredient!This recipe from a genuine country gal who makes the best sweet tea in Texas!" Our family loves sweet tea, so I'll be trying this today! Refreshing Drinks, Summer Drinks, Fun Drinks, Beverages, Cold Drinks, Alcoholic Desserts, Smoothies, Smoothie Drinks, Think Food

Perfect Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea... Just hearing those words make ya sigh a satisfied sigh... I am a Southern Woman... Southern women love their Sweet ...