Scottish Kitty Cat

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"Cats can work out mathematically the exact place to sit that will cause the most inconvenience." --Pam Brown

This Cat Wins The Internet

in slaap vallen op een wc rol, tja voor babypoesjes is werkelijk niks te gek

Usually we see photos of kittens unrolling or tearing up toilet paper. Maybe this little kitty just hasn't gotten to that yet and is having a nap first.

Scottish fold munchkins. Nothing is really cuter than that!

If i liked cats. This is the one. Pink bubblegum princess: Super adorable Scottish Fold kitten [picture that makes you fall in love]

Ryoma, Japan's other most adorable Scottish Fold

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Cute Overload: Internet`s best cute dogs and cute cats are here. Aww pics and adorable animals.

Scottish folds are so cute!!!

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Scottish Fold Cat - The Scottish Fold (or Coupari in Canada), has a dominant genetic mutation that causes the cartilage in their ears to have a fold, sometimes even up to two or three folds! This makes their ears flop forward, giving them their distinctive appearance.

Picture of Funny curious Scottish fold kitten in play stock photo, images and stock photography.

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My mom pinned this adorably cute cat. This picture just kills me. "Daniel Boone was a cat, he was a cute cat.