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Some of the most inspiring photos or photo galleries we find in our daily search of great photographers.
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The Infinite Gallery : The Haifoss Waterfall, Iceland

Haifoss, Iceland, AKA 'super-crazy-no-way-it's-that-gorgeous-in-person-land'. Haifoss Waterfall, Iceland photo via holly

Traditional life in the Siberian Arctic - in pictures. Photos by Bryan Alexander.

Traditional life in the Siberian Arctic - in pictures

Nenya Vanuito, a young Nenets girl, wears a traditional hat with fur trim at a winter camp near Tambey in the Siberian Arctic. Photograph by Bryan Alexander.

Spring Herd, photo by Tariq Sawyer

Photo of the Day: Best of March

Spring Herd: Photograph by Tariq Sawyer, National Geographic Your Shot. "I traveled to the Altay Mountains in Mongolia to photograph the Kazakh nomads known for their eagle-hunting traditions," - Tariq Sawyer

Royal Rajasthan - A Colorful Paradise for Photographers -

Breathtaking Photography by Mitchell Kanashkevich-Street life India – Bundi District, India, 2007

Morning Glory by Richard Duerksen

Morning Glory by Richard Duerksen. Torres del Paine National Park at the very southern tip of Chile, South America.

Shepherd with Goats on Rural Roads of Layyah,Pakistan. Photo by Zeeshan Ali

Shepherd with Goats on Rural Roads of Layyah,Pakistan - JPG Photos

Photo by Gustavo Minas, via Flickr

Capturing Space, Color, and Light in Sao Paulo: Street Photography by Gustavo Minas

"Ice Age"—Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, USA (by Ian Plant)

Photographer Ian Plant celebrated his birthday by enduring the cold and dangers of a three-mile hike across the frozen surface of Lake Superior, in Wisconsin to visit caves along the cliffs on the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

El Kurru Cemetery | Northern Sudan

Kingdom of Kush was an empire from central Sudan to the Palestine. This is the Tomb of a ruler, in northern Sudan who controlled Egypt in the dynasty.

Burning oil lamps for Diwali

Burning oil lamps for Diwali