Little Owl juvenile.one of the reasons we like them so much, is that they look more like us than any other bird.

♥Gorgeous Siamese kitty. #cats #kittens #pets #animals


Top 5 Friendliest Cat Breeds Breed Birman: The great thing about a Birman is how balanced the cat is on its personality.

um gatinho muito fofinho<3

On January the Sao Paulo Zoo in Brazil welcomed a new resident, a male baby Oncilla named Poli.) The cub’s mother, Luiza, is one of the last melanistic Oncilla remaining in captivity today.

I blow you a kiss!! <3

Blowing kisses your way I hope your catching them =) xo

Little cute bengal baby kitten, click the pic for more cuteness

That belly and tail though. Perfect :) Top 5 Most expensive Cat Breeds, Click the pic for complete list :)