Benfica - Porto  Estádio da Luz  No Name Boys Topo Sul

Benfica - Porto Estádio da Luz No Name Boys Topo Sul

Power-Ranking World Football's 50 Best Stadiums.  Estadio Da Luz (Stadium of Light): Lisbon, Portugal   Opened: 2003    Capacity: 65,000+    Tenants: SL Benfica, 2014 UEFA Champions League Final    One of the three top stadiums in Portugal and the home of the nation's most successful club, Benfica, the Estadio da Luz is a marvelous venue for the world of football.    In the years to come it will continue to be a benchmark for many of the new stadiums that are being built throughout Europe.

Power-Ranking World Football's 50 Best Stadiums

History Ballon D'Or by Giuseppe Vecchio Barbieri, via Behance

HISTORY BALLON D'ORThis project wants to pay homage to the 60 players who have been awarded with the highest individual football award, the Ballon d'Or. The work is divided for years, some since 1956 and ends in award given annually to the play…

Marele fotbalist Eusebio a murit!

No Eusebio da Silva Ferreira, Watched him in the 1966 World Cup at Goodison Park,

Mats Magnusson + Eusébio.

«Marquei 87 golos pelo Benfica e nenhum contra o FC Porto

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