Marvao castle, Portugal

This would be an incredible place to meditate! Marvao castle gardens, Portugal (dates back to c.

Marvão - Alentejo - Portugal

The town within the walls with its beautifully white-washed houses Marvao Alentejo Portugal

Marvão, Portugal

Village of Marvão, Alentejo region, Portalegre district, Portugal is situated atop a rocky mount at of altitude. The village was established by the Arab Ibn Maruan (IX century).

Marvão, Alentejo, Portugal - Isabel Alfacinha Photography

Marvo, Alentejo, Portugal - Isabel Alfacinha Photography - Thanks to King Sancho II, the first official charter was awarded to the town of Marvao in the century

marvao village  Alentejo, Portugal

Castle of Marvao - Marvao itself is one of the few towns in Europe still retained within its medieval walls.Walking the ramparts it is easy to imaging that you are still watching for invaders from Spain.

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