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Decoupage clothes hangers - by Craft & Creativity

DIY Decoupage Hangers from Helena at Craft and Creativity You will need: White wooden hangers, - I would ike for guest room and gifts for a new baby, bride to be. decoupage glue (or Mod Podge), a brush, sciss.

I've been looking for a fun summer wreath!  nautical-door-decor

Nautical Decor Wreath... Inspired by Lunenburg Nova Scotia

Beach candles in a wine glass! Bring home some sand & shells and write what beach and the date you went on the bottom of the glass!

- large wine glasses - tea light inserts - tea lights - sand - seashells First fill the glass about full with sand. Arrange the seashells onto the sand as you please. Place the tea light in the insert and then hang on to the glass rim.

Tulips - HOW TO WOW with these 9 DIY Simply Chic Spring Flower Arrangements — The Days of the Chic http://www.thedaysofthechic.com/blog/2015/3/24/diy-simple-chic-spring-flower-arrangements


Tulip Arrangement Ideas Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers out there. In the century, the tulip became so popular that there was a tulip bubble and crash. Fortunes were lost by …

beach hurricane glass - Google Search

Placing sand in a glass hurricane with candles creates a simple beach accent. Change the fill within the hurricane with the seasons.

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