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You have to respect a metal band that is comfortable enough to have Olan Mills do the album photo.

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I absolutely love the work of artist Dave McKean , and was reminded of his genius the other day which sorting out some old books.

Botanic miniature

Author: Sarapion the Younger ~ Title: Translation of the herbal (The 'Carrara Herbal'), including the Liber agrega, Herbolario volgare; De medicamentis, with index (ff. ~ Origin: Italy, N.

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ADINKRA CLOTH PRINTING: Adinkra symbols which have specific meanings were chosen by Gabriel Boayke; Anthony Boakye arranged their placement on the cloth.

The Heart of the Matter

An unflattering map of a Victorian woman's heart. “The Open Country of Woman’s Heart: Exhibiting its internal communications, and the facilities and dangers to Travellers therein” (D. Kellogg & Co. of Hartford, Connecticut,