Lisboa Ticket - É uma vista Portuguesa, com certeza! by Natasha Hellegouarch - met a really nice woman from Portugal who speaks several languages - some people are so interesting

Fado, 200 years

Fado, a mournful song and the Portuguese most traditional music genre, was added Sunday to UNESCO’s list of World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. According to UNESCO, intangible heritage includes traditions and skills passed on within cultures.

Ceramica portuguesa para recordação (Portuguese Pottery souvenir) - Portugal

Portuguese Pottery_ Estremadura Region, Pottery Shop In Alcobaça / 2348357 © Travel Pictures Ltd)Will definitely have to buy some pottery (December

Click to enlarge illustration: Vintage Travel Poster - Lisboa - Portugal - Lisbon

Portuguese travel posters by Rui Ricardo Art and design inspiration from around the world! Vintage inspired & showcase Portugal’s icons, as Lisboa tram, Porto & Braga

anúncios antigos portugueses - Pesquisa do Google

anúncios antigos portugueses - Pesquisa do Google

Rui Ricardo Turism Posters

✈ Porto Portugal Poster by Rui Ricardo, illustrator. We love the vintage-feel of all of his travel posters.