23 - Veil of Silent Conversations x sticks, paper, paint & pastel yarn/beads on beeswax/pine resin

Trees and Water by Inga Hunter, Aus artist

ariesascending: Blue Mountains Landscapes - Trees and Water by inga Hunter Layered handmade cotton paper, pastel, paint, sticks twined with silk thread.

Lace weaving with Coconut shell - Ágnes Herczeg

Lace weaving with Coconut shell by Ágnes Herczeg - beautiful

Walking the Earth" mixed media encaustic book,from Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Artistic Assemblages ⌼ Mixed Media, Journal, Shadow Box, Small Sculpture & Collage Art - Walking the Earth" mixed media encaustic book,from Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Joan Baxter ... winter sky line

J Baxter Winter Skyline. Textural inspiration of found objects - Phoenix feathers

In this post I’ll explore some basic weaving techniques that will help get your first weaving project started. I also have some tips on how to prevent one of the most common problems that all new weavers will experience. Getting Started With Plain Weave Plain weave, also referred to as tabby weave or tabbing, is one of the oldest and most basic weaving techniques. You'll find that it forms the basis of most projects and through incorporating colour and texture the design possibilities of…

Weaving on Your Frame Loom – And The Most Common Problem And How To Fix It

Nature weaving

project musings…

Woven hoops from gathered harvest of dogwood, cottonwood and spirea at Crab Park pond area.

Lynn Holland

CREATION 4 by Lynnholly; Found bits and pieces, reworked textile art branch weaving contemporary