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xxxtentacion || MAKE OUT HILL >> X (Jahse D. Onfroy) my Instagram: (@Laahofc)

xxxtentacion || MAKE OUT HILL >> X (Jahse D. Onfroy) my Instagram: (@Laahofc)

for a limited time, " born to love, cursed to feel " by @_samantha.king is available for $11 via - #borntolovecursedtofeel

but that's not the kid of man I need to be having encounters with. sex maybe, idk. but nothing deeper.

Our boys won 10 / 10 awards , I REPEAT 10 AWARDS ! i mean this is not a random thing ! This is absolutely HUGE ! A massive congratulation to all of the directioners and our AMAZING boys :) XX


Funny You Couldn't Handle Me Even If I Came With Instructions T-shirt! Great sense of humor! Available in various styles, colors & sizes.

Ahem. Let's just think in our head how that little display actually sounded to a group of rational adults. Oh yeah innocent people don't delete shit they didn't so anything wrong on! Irony. So really just stfu.Lol.

Free and Funny News Ecard: Stalker, stalker go away No seriously go away you're starting to look psychotic now.

Abracadabra (Nope. You're still a bitch.)

16 Funny Quotes and Sayings Fun is the essence of life. Our ancestors said that a life void of fun is not worth living. One of the best ways to keep laughter


Bitches Be Stalking Your Page Talking About They Not Worried Sis You Stressed the Fuck Out - Beautifulmess

It's just funny girl! Grow up and move along. Nobody wants to associate with your skanky self.

Be the big girl you are. Quit being a coward by running your oversized mouth.waiting for your latest rant, talker. You think you are going to raise my child? You are delusional!