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SPANISH Learning

We love the language and maybe even teach it, let's share our favorite resources to learn #Spanish. UNRELATED CONTENT WILL BE DELETED AND SPAMMERS WILL BE…
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Word Study Spelling

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Sub plan no prep

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Spanish Back to School Bundle - Greetings, Numbers, Calendar, and Alphabet

Back to School

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This stations quest highlights key aspects of the hermanas Mirabals' lives (also known as las tres mariposas). Includes links to authentic resources to complete the quest. El Mundo de Pepita, Resources for Teaching Languages to Children
FOUR paperless Spanish Vocabulary Puzzles of 24 POSITIVE words to describe personality (see list below)! This is a fun, paperless way for your students to connect to vocabulary! A great way to supplement and build on the vocabulary your students have already learned about adjetivos de personalidad...


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Decorate your Spanish classroom with these pretty TIEMPO themed WORD WALL cards! Use these as a visual reminder for your Spanish students. Do you do a daily weather talk with your Spanish classes? These are a PERFECT addition as a visual aid for your Spanish class decor! Check out these words and phrases, in English & Spanish PLUS 6 Spanish student vocabulary handouts to choose from too!
Killer Fillers | Teaching Resources

Visual 👀 Aids ❣️

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Set up a daily routine in your Spanish class with an opportunity for students to practice the DATE each day! Spanish students practice LA FECHA and review Spanish NUMBERS, Spanish DAYS OF THE WEEK, and Spanish MONTHS of the year! Students also practice complete sentence structure. A great way to start Spanish class each day!

Clases, como EMPEZAR cada día

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Multiple meaning words

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Your Shop - Manage Listings - Etsy
Spanish Greetings Song With Feelings, Origin and Age - Los Saludos
Clozeline with outstanding activities to practice key words and phrases from the CI reader Escape Cubano by Mira Canion. All documents are fully editable. Lesson plans include clozeline with word bank, paper handouts and digital copies (ready to go with Pear Deck), a link to BoomCards, and other co...


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A Shining Light: 360 High School in Providence | Linda F. Nathan | Educator

Level 3

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Sujeto y predicado

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Help your Spanish students acquire vocabulary about NATURE / LA NATURALEZA with this fun Spanish Comprehensible Input reading! Students read a short, 1 page, nonfiction CI reading about places to visit in nature, where to go camping, and supllies you might need while camping. Comes with Spanish vocabulary games, Spanish comprehension questions, quizzes, and a follow up Spanish writing activity!
This set of 15 printable props features animals of the Caribbean, such as a manatee, flamingo, anole, Hispaniolan solenodon, Bee hummingbird, and more! Great for centers, games, sorting, and as a bulletin board! Mundo de Pepita, Resources for Teaching Languages to Children #bulletinboard #caribbean #animals

Nature, Spa vocab

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Spanish Spring Emergent Reader Booklets - La Primavera 2 Booklets

Primavera, la (vocabulario)

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Spanish Comparative and Superlative Adjectives 14 Sentences - Adjetivos
Spanish Comparative/Superlative Adjectives Matching Squares Puzzles & Assignment


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Religión, Catolica

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Casa, en / @home

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This wonderful interactive package will allow your students to do an cross curricular Spanish activity.  Students will be exposed to "Places around the community" vocabulary and prepositions. Have the opportunity to create their own city map. They will be provided with squares to cut pictures and using construction paper they should be able to create a map lableing avenues and use it for directions.

Día, Experiencias de Cada Día

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Películas 📽 & 🎞

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😄 Chistes❕

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Blog post with tips on how to use social media posts and infographics with novice learners in world language classes. Mundo de Pepita, Resources for Teaching Languages to Children #elementaryspanish #worldlanguages #authenticresources

Non-Book Reading

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Valentines Day Vocabulary in Spanish | Give your students an instant visual resource to build vocabulary as they read & write Valentines in Spanish.

Valentine's Day

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