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First Grader Perfectly Explains Government. This Is Genius. Son: "Daddy W have to write a spECIal Vapor! for school. Dul I don‘t know whal Pclmcs rs " Famel: "Wen, \ek‘s lake our home as an example lam (he breadrwmner, so \et‘s ca” me Capnahsm Your Mum xs lhe aumlmsvamr o: mmay. so we'H call her Governmem We take care of your need, so let's can you The People We‘H call lhe mam me Working mass am: your baby nrmhev we can can The Fume Do you understand son?" Son: "I'm not reaHy sure. Dad ru have lu trunk about w " That mgm awakened by Ms brother’s crymg. me boy went to see what was wrong Dlscnvenng that the baby had senously sowed ms mapev. (he boy went lo ms parents' room and found ms mama sound asleep He wem lo we mam‘s mom, where peekmg through me keyhole he saw ms vamer m bed wvlh Ihe mam The boy's knockmg went (olally unneeded by ms rameranu me mam, sn Ihe boy rammed 1:: ms room and went back to sweep The next morning he reported (o ms lather Son: "Dad naw I trunk \ understand what Palmos Is " mu "Goad son' Can yum explam n m me m your own wards?- Son: 'WE" Dad. while Capnansm IS screwing me Wavkmg Class, Government ts sound asleep, [he People ave being completely Ignored and the Future :s luH ol snn " - iFunny
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Paula Smith
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Financial King