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Traditional Northern Portugal costume | #portuguese_traditional_costumes #portugal

Traditional costume of Minho. Our Lady of Agony Festivities, the biggest traditional festival in Portugal. Viana do Castelo.

Festa dos Tabuleiros - de 4 a 13 de Julho de 2015    -   Tomar, Portugal

Festa dos Tabuleiros/ Festival of the Trays, Tomar, Portugal

Fado - 200 anos

Fado, a mournful song and the Portuguese most traditional music genre, was added Sunday to UNESCO’s list of World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage. According to UNESCO, intangible heritage includes traditions and skills passed on within cultures.

guitarra portuguesa de Coimbra

I wonder if my cousin Eleanor still has my Ava's? The fabulous Portuguese guitar! Have ever heard someone playing it? It's just strikingly moving.it tear you apart and it pulls together you back again.

(PG) Wine regions of Portugal

Wine Map of Portugal

Minho, Portugal

My town in Portugal

Barcelos rooster - iconic Portuguese. I think my niece sent me a mini version of the same rooster from the Azores.

Vacation Quest to Visit World's Largest Roosters. check off the list: Barcelos rooster - iconic Portuguese.

Vinhos Portugueses sao os melhores.

Vinhos Portugueses sao os melhores.

Proud To Be Portuguese - Portugal Flag Car Sticker Sign / Window Decal Bumper

Out of many to visit in Portugal we share 60 monuments listed as the best. Portugal ranks the position in the World Tourism Rank.

comes from an old portuguese fable. every good portuguese mama has one of these in her kitchen.

'An old portuguese fable.every good Portuguese Mama has one of these in her kitchen.' My Dad brought mine back from the Azores.

Brown Viana scarf handmade "socas".

Brown Viana scarf handmade clog by Princezices on Etsy, Portugal

Portugal [PRT] - Navigator Henry 500j 1960 - Infante  D. HENRIQUE (1394-1460), 5ª filho do Rei D. João I e de D. Filipa de Lencastre, um dos membros da chamada "Ínclita Geração". Dedicou sua vida à expansão marítima de Portugal.

Selos: Coat of Arms of Henry the Seafarer (Portugal) (Henry the Navigator, Deathday) Mi:PT 863

Stamps - Portugal [PRT] - Costumes 1941

Stamps - Portugal [PRT] - Costumes 1941

Fado guitarra

beautiful shot with the portuguese guitar