Travel with kids

We got a lot of questions on our trip as a family, which made me think a lot about traveling with or without kids. Some people said, "Yes,.

East coast Escapade travelogue

Well, I know you have all been anxiously awaiting on the edge of your seats for a little recap of our trip. We took a kind of last-minute tr.

5 things I try to do with my older baby

Davy in the North. Again, these are things that I do, work for us, and bring us peace and joy.

Seasons of life and manna in the desert

(Picture of smoothie cups I looked everywhere for. one of those things that are cheap and easy to find in the US and difficult to find.

Mini house tour

Mini house tour


Our baby girl is three and we had a fabulous party to celebrate it with. It was kind of like a college party with lots of people cram.

Quiche recipe

I have made a quiche recipe (from my favorite cookbook) so many times now that I have adapted it to make it my own.

Progress v. perfection

It seems as if the more good things we do, the more obstacles rise up to meet us. The messiness of life. However, I will say that the mo.

Springtime is in the air

Happy Lent / almost spring! Did you know that the word Lent means spring? I can never decide whether I like winter or spring better.

It's all about motivation

This is our baby shark . Six teeth before he turned six months! (PS Have you seen the baby shark video from super simple songs I linke.

I am a SAHM and I have SO MUCH TO DO

(all three of these pictures were taken by Addie.) I was feeling invigorated after an informal moms' club at .

A roundup of pies

I realized the other day that I can successfully make a fair amount of pies. This made me feel very. :) I've decided to p.

Felt nativity set

Yes, I am posting about nativity sets when Christmas is definitely more than over because, well, life.

5 things I *try* to do everyday with my baby

Photo by Made With Love Photography . Do contact Marta if you live in the Lisbon area. This is not intended to be unsolicited parenting .

We're not taking the time to nurture friendships a...

This part of what Emily Stimpson says on the Jennifer Fulwiler show (link here) (don't you LOVE the Jennifer Fulwiler show?) sent a bol.

How to make soup, Portuguese style

The Portuguese love their soups. If you go to any restaurant they will usually have a "cream of ___" soup or a pureed vegetable soup as.