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The Perfect 48 Hours in Lisbon

The Perfect 48 Hours in Lisbon Via Yahoo Travel Located on the coast, Lisbon is the oldest city in Western Europe. This distinction make it the perfect place to sample traditional food and customs in a modern environment.

Torre de Belém, Lisboa, Portugal.

Portugal - Lisboa, Torre de Belém Photo by António Sacchetti-->Been there :) My country, this place is really beautiful. If you ever come to Portugal then you must visit it :)

Elevador de Santa Justa. PORTUGAL

Lisbon - Elevador de Santa Justa - used this elevator to visit the upper part of town when I visited Lisbon in Due to the perspective of this photo, the walkway to the upper part of the city cannot be seen!

Túnel do Pátio do Tronco | Lisbon, Portugal |PicadoTur - Consultoria em Viagens| |(13) 98153-4577|Siga-nos nas redes sociais |agencia de viagens

Túnel do Pátio do Tronco in Lisbon, Portugal. Looks like a maze that you can just get lost in forever.

Em 1930 era assim a rotunda do Marquês de Pombal.

Marquês de Pombal – Lisboa and 70 Years Later) Marquês de Pombal square, the heart of Lisbon, in The lake in the photo corresponds to the former place of a basalt quarry.

Construção do Arco da Rua Augusta

In the context of the reconstruction of Lisbon's down town, after the great…

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