Tischlampen - α - Leuchte aus feinem Beton mit Textilkabel - ein Designerstück von LJ-Lamps bei DaWanda

LJ LAMPS alpha – Tischleuchte aus Beton

28/09/2016 - Sygns produces light in various colours and shapes and Kiën is part of their network of brands, established to express their passion

Kiën: Redefining Smart Light A fluorescent tube that emulates the natural cycle of daylight

Sygns produces light in various colours and shapes. Concrete tubular light in line connection

BRIGHT SPROUT by @nordictales direct light oak pendant #lamp | #design Jonas Hoejgaard

Bright sprout

Buy online Bright sprout by Nordic Tales, direct light oak pendant lamp design Jonas Hoejgaard

Floor lamp Leberstrasse Berlin immobilienagentur Fantastic Frank

Selected interiors #7: Schöneberg

Origami lighting collection (5)

Israeli product designer Ariel Zuckerman not too long ago shared an exciting lighting collection with us, inspired by the Japanese art of Origami.