Rehabilitación de una casa entre medianeras en Sant Feliu de Llobregat / DataAE

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Modern Tropical Minimalist House by Studio MK27

Comfort and building maintenance throughout the years are two fundamental aspects for houses built in tropical areas next to the sea, where the high temperatures and the effect of the sea air determine the extreme local conditions. The White House pro

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Built by FAM Architekti,Feilden+Mawson in Doksy, Czech Republic with date Images by Tomas Balej. The replacement of an old cabin on a lake shore in Norther Bohemia respects the unique natural character of the site .

H3 House,© Daniela Mac Adden

Gallery of H3 House / Luciano Kruk - 23

This concrete summer house by Argentinian architect Luciano Kruk stands among pine trees in the seaside resort of Mar Azul near Buenos Aires

Kruk and his Buenos Aires-based studio designed Casa as a holiday home for three sisters and their respective families. It stands among pine trees in the seaside resort of Mar Azul near Buenos Aires.

Galeria de Casa H3 / Luciano Kruk - 17

Galeria de Casa H3 / Luciano Kruk - 17

House is a concrete holiday home designed by Argentinian architect Luciano Kruk. The house is located in a pine forest near Buenos Aires.

Photographer’s Weekendhouse | General Design | Sanbu District, Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Casa de un Fotógrafo / Shin Ohori - General Design

Photographer’s Weekendhouse / General Design Photographer's Weekendhouse / Shin Ohori - General Design – ArchDaily

The Concrete Box house by Robertson Design

Image 22 of 32 from gallery of Concrete Box House / Robertson Design. Photograph by Jack Thompsen