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Alternative Gardening: 18 Common Garden Pests

Lets face it - there isnt a gardener or farmer who hasnt come across one of these pests, while working in their organic garden. By finding out more about these insects and ways to control them, it is possible to grow healthy, abundant crops, and keep your

Translated from French    1. straw or wood : lacewings   2. bamboo rods : Osmiae , solitary bees .    3. flowerpots filled with hay : borers ears    4. Planks of wood: where will the housing boring insects.    5. breakthroughs Logs : pollinators such as bees and solitary wasps    6. Fagots marrow: hoverflies and other Hymenoptera .    7. Brick : Osmiae (solitary bees) ..    8. well sheltered close Clipboards : they attract ladybugs who come to spend the winter. Their larvae eat many aphids.

Insect hotel - Sustainable ideas including an explanation of the materials used, which insects they provide a habitat for and why you want that insect. This would be perfect to have as a project to build with a youth program