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"There is no force like #success, and that is why the individual makes all effort to surround himself throughout life with the evidence of it; as of the individual, so should it be of the #nation." Marcus Garvey

The Most Honorable Marcus Garvey as Commander in Chief of the Universal African Legion (UNIA). He received the Order of National Hero Medal from his homeland of Jamaica and buried in a tomb there.

Thomas Sankara. African Revolutionary.

President Thomas Sankara - ImmortAL) "While revolutionaries as individuals [bodies] can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas [souls].eKAncestors [Vril Race] don't die, We Multiply

Patrice Lumumba, Congolese leader. He was the 1st democratically elected PM of the Republic of the Congo after he helped win its independence from Belgium. He was ousted during the Congo Crisis due his opposition to a Belgian-backed secession of a mineral-rich province. He was imprisoned executed by firing squad. The UN did not intervene it is said the killing was assisted by Belgium, the US the UK. Malcolm X called him "the greatest Black man who ever walked the African continent". R.I.P.

Patrice Lumumba June 1960 – 14 September "Lumumba was the only Congolese leader who rose above the ethnic difficulties and tribal preoccupations that destroyed all the other parties. Lumumba was the first real pan-African.

Dr Kwame Nkrumah of newly independent Ghana Ghana mid to late 1950s The British crown colony of the Gold Coast became its own country of Ghana on...

Kwame Nkrumah of newly independent Ghana, Ghana, mid to late The British crown colony of the Gold Coast, became its own country of Ghana on March with Dr. Nkrumah as its first President.

Amilcar Cabral na Guiné

From 1963 to his assassination in Amílcar Cabral led the PAIGC's guerrilla movement (in Portuguese Guinea) against the Portuguese colonialists, which evolved into one of most successful war of independence in African history.

Shaka Zulu ruled the Zulu nation during the times of the slave trade. He revolutionized the Zulu army and played a crucial part in Zulu history.

Shaka - truly great military leader, born circa turned the Zulu nation into an Empire, inventing the institutions, weapons, and tactics to create an African super-power. That Empire foundered when confronted by European technology.

Now reading. #panafricanism #books #bookstagram #africa

Now reading. #panafricanism #books #bookstagram #africa