Joao Verissimo

Joao Verissimo

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Joao Verissimo
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Kitchen Window.  Cute and easy curtain tutorial:

Last week while I was busy sewing for Halloween, I was also working on some home decor. My house is pretty maxed out for home decor at the.

Or... different option for staircase bookcase...

Sometimes bookshelves are built into staircases; Adam Jirkal, Jerry Koza and Tomáš Kalhous built this one into an alternating tread stair in Všenory, Czech Republic. Found in Archiweb; more in TreeHugger, Czech Out Another Alternating Tread Bookcase Stair


Coffee Lights by Bernhard Stellmacher is simply brilliant, at least to those of us whose minds are powered by coffee. Coffee Lights create a tantalizing display to add to your kitchen, breakfast nook, or for above the coffee bar in a meeting room at your