Viana do castelo

Traditional bride costume in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. Portuguese outfit with gold jewelry.

Tipycal costume of #Nazaré, Portugal

The women of Nazare are known for wearing 7 petticoats. Their husbands are fishermen, so the many petticoats allow them to cover their head, arms, and legs while waiting on the beach for them to return in stormy weather.

Feiras Novas de Ponte de Lima by Município de Ponte de Lima, via Flickr

A Portuguese woman in Traditional clothing (New Fairs) of Ponte de Lima - Portugal

Viana do Castelo

Young girl in traditional costume, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Menina e moça do Minho.

Portugues beauty, from Minho, Portugal guess I just found out from my niece who did ancestry that we are not just Italian, bit also Portuguese and bulkin

Noiva portuguesa

Welcome to Viana do Castelo and Enjoy your Holidays in Portugal visit our…

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