Costa Nova do Prado, Aveiro, Portugal.

Candy coloured houses in Costa Nova, Aveiro, Portugal. My favorite place in Portugal. Beautiful beaches and homes

Beach houses ~ Costa Nova, Aveiro-Portugal

Costa Nova - Aveiro - Portugal see more in Enjoy Portugal website…

Aveiro. Portugal.   Go to or just click on photo for home videos and much more on sites like this.

Portugal Portuguese Venice ive been on one of these and it was the best experience ever!

Café Águias d' Ouro, em Estremoz.   Construído entre 1908 e 1909 e foi inaugurado como café a 4 de Abril de 1909.

4 different windows of the Café Águias d’Ouro, Estremoz, Portugal since 1908


Have to go back because I broke it. And because it's a beautiful place.

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