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German architect André Broessel, of Rawlemon, has looked into his crystal ball and seen the future of renewable energy. In this…

This glass sphere might revolutionize solar power on Earth. German architect André Broessel, of Rawlemon, has created a spherical sun-tracking solar energy-generating globe — essentially a giant glass marble on a robotic steel frame.


Amelia Street / Tim Stewart Architects - photo by Christopher Frederick Jones

Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets Sold On Amazon That Every Kitchen Needs

Must have for every kitchen! Versatile Tablet mount - perfect for holding your iPad anywhere!

Brilliant ideas for under the stairs…

I always hated all the wasted space under stairs.especially like the open shelves & the bed (great for a guest "room" spot under stairs in a finished basement) & the.well guess I really like them all!

Pasta Pot!!! Genius Ideas and Top 10 Home Gadgets at

A straining stockpot that doubles as a pouring stockpot is just one of the versatile stainless steel cookware pieces cooks can find at Farberware. This stainless steel stockpot features a lid with straining holes to easily help strain liquids from cooked

For the gadgets

organizing just makes things easier. We found this to be neat, it's a gadget holder. No more forgetting where you put your phone or iPad!